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Virtual Live Training

You’re probably familiar with web conferencing software that lets you meet and collaborate with colleagues in different locations. The same kind of software is used in delivering our VLT classes. Internet conferencing technology lets you to see what is happening on the instructor’s PC as they demonstrate how to use the course software. It’s also used to transmit other aspects of the instructor’s presentation such as PowerPoint slides, whiteboard work, and the instructor’s image on the web camera.

Attend Class from Your Home or Office

In most circumstances, it’s possible to attend one of our VLT classes from a location outside of our training centers such as your home or office. If participating from your home or office is right for you, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get set up for your class. Typical setup time is less than 20 minutes — that’s time you’ll get back by not having to commute to the class! Another major advantage of attending class from home is 24/7 access to class labs.

At a minimum, you’ll need the following components:

  • A computer running Windows; if available, an additional computer may be used so that you can see the broadcast of the instructor presentation alongside of the classroom image that you’ll be working on to perform the exercises and labs
  • A high speed Internet connection (DSL or faster)
  • A hands-free headset with head piece and microphone or a standalone microphone and computer speakers

Test my PC Connection

  1. Click Hereto test your systems readiness for AdobeConnect.
  2. GoToMyPC Connection Wizard
  3. Click on Run
  4. Click on Yes on “Allow GoToMyPc host changes on this PC?”
  5. Click on Run Wizard
  6. Click on OK to open web browser
  7. The Connection Wizard will run a series of test.
  8. Click on Next
  9. If you have Good Connection settings then click on Exit, otherwise click on Additional Support or contact us at the number shown below.
  10. Please click hereto test fire walls for our Learn on Demand platform. Must use IE as this is a Java based test. If you do not, or cannot use Java, please contact operations at the number shown below.


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