Guy Hermann – HTML5 and JQuery, Jan 2012

“Guy kicked ass!”
“Guy Hermann is one of the best, most supportive and insightful instructors I have ever had”
“Very competent and informative”
“I am always made to feel welcome at Netlan”

Joe Keohan, Troubleshooting Internet Information Services, Nov 2011

Joe is excellent. He has an innate ability to bring every topic to its inevitable conclusion – that we should be using Powershell. A very good course that, with the knowledge we gained, we will be applying to our current projects almost immediately.

Don Fuller, Windows 7 & Server 2008 R2, June 2010

It was a pleasure to be taught be Don. The lessons were well structured, the pace was consistent, and Don ensured that everyone understood the subject matter before moving on. He is very knowledgeable, and related that knowledge to real world experience upon request, giving examples that showed how and why the technology being studied worked. On a personal note, Don is very lively and enteraining, and kept the training interesting. This is the first course that I have attended where I can leave with my brain refreshed, not bored. I would gladly attend any courses written and hosted by Don again.

Exchange 2010 Class, Nov 2011

“Don Fuller is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have come across in my years in IT. I commend his level of knowledge and his ability to articulate it to his students.”

“The class was a pleasure to attend. I would definetely reccomend this instructor to other individuals.”

“I’ve taken multiple classes with Don. I’ve always leave the course with new skills and knowledge that I can use at my job. Don teaches the class in a way thats fun and easier to follow the material.”

Ethical Hacking

Certified Ethical Hacker, June 15-19 2009

Chris is a great instructor. Its hard to come across instructors who can present the information and keep you engaged. Chris achieves this with no problem. Netlan really knows how to pick instructors.

Jason W.

Research Company

Frank for Paul Silva

I just wanted to take the time to praise one of your instructors, Paul Silva. His classes were lively and most importantly memorable. I should add that I’m impressed and very pleased with Netlan’s curriculum. As a technician, I’ve been disappointed in other learning centers coverage of topics, but Netlan has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to taking other courses there and will be sure to mention my impressions to my co-workers.

Chief Technician
Major New York City Agency

Don Fuller, Windows 7 & Server 2008 R2, June 2010

Don Fuller, Windows 7 & Server 2008 R2, June 2010

Don is literally the best instructor and senior engineer that I have ever met or been taught by. He makes learning interesting, fun with clear real world examples that make sense (Real IT). His knowledge is absolutely outstanding, I have never met someone so knowledgeable in the IT field. Every question I asked was answered in full with clear explanations. To be honest he has inspired me.

Ted Dziekanowski,Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007

Ted Dziekanowski,Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007, June 2009

“Fantastic trainer. Very knowledgable !”

“Instructor is very knowledgable and experienced in his area of expertese. Provided a great deal of real world examples during class.”

Thank You!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I can’t imagine a more targeted, focused, relevant class than the one I attended today. In spite of my being a pain, you managed to hire the only expert who could take our technicians through the maze of XP and relate it to my company.

Don Fuller, was the consummate technologist/trainer. He related to our environment and yet gave us a broad understanding of how XP would benefit the company at large.

Thanks to you. I gave you a vague set of requirements but you came through with the right class and the right trainer and the right time frame.


NYC Media Company

CXA-204 Xenapp Aug 2011

Rick Townsend is the most informed instructor in any classroom enviroment that I have every had…The Man is and Open Book of Knowledge that allows you to tap in to his Genius.


Media Corporation

Bill Helton – Custom AD Class

Comments from a Customized Active Directory Course delivered to a Large Financial Firm by William Helton on Dec 11th 2006:

“The instructor proved very knowledgeable and patient. Went thru all the levels at a good pace. Answered all questions for all to understand.”

“William Helton was extremely knowledgeable and approachable when instructing this course.”

“The information from this course was extremely helpful. It reinforced my existing knowledge and increase other areas in Windows Active Directory. ”

“Bill was really an excellent teacher. Knowledgeable and instructive.”

“Excellent course taught by the Instructor, Mr. William Helton. He kept the content very interesting. He is an excellent trainer.”

Don Fuller – Active Directory

Don Fuller, August 2008

“Great instructor. A perfect blend of real world scenarios and examples and hands on work”
“Don Fuller is an awesome teacher, we all enjoy his classes. Highly recommended”
“I look forward attending any course that Don teaches.
“Don fuller is a phenomenal instructor. He makes learning the material more interesting”

Joe Keohan – Automating PowerShell 2.0, Feb 2012

The instructor had a great grasp of the material being taught. It was easy to tell this was a topic he was very passionate about. This made understanding the material and understanding new concepts much easier. I would highly reccomend Joe to any other person wanting to learn PowerShell.

Pat B.

Joe should be the MS powershell spokes person. He ends every sentence with this how you do it in powershell. He demonstrated real scripts that he has created for different MS products. e.g MS sharepoint, Active Directory, and desktop troubleshooting.

Ryan L.

Media & Entertainment Company

The Best!

I just completed NetLan course CTX-1256B. To follow up, I enjoyed my NetLan class immensely. The instructor was fantastic and the learning environment was top notch. Everything about this course was very professional and there were not issues at all. I have taken classes at NetLan, New Horizons and Learning Tree and NetLan provides the best learning experience and definitely gives you the absolute most for your money. I am looking forward to my next Netlan class in the near future.


Network Administrator
Major Life Sciences Corporation

Red Hat RH124, July 2011

Red Hat RH124, July 2011

Susanna is a great instructor, she covered all the material plus much much more.

NYS Government

Hi Philip

Hi Philip,

I just had to drop you a note to tell how pleased I have been with the quality of the instructors that I have had on my past two classes. I recently took Lotus Notes Administration R6 and now MS Exchange 2003 Administration with Peter and Don teaching respectively. These instructors not only know their products inside and out, but they have a true gift in that they know how to teach. This is such an important factor in understanding new and complex products. I could not begin to tell you how many bad instructors that are out there right now that just basically read right out of the manual and don’t offer any real life experience applying that information. The old adage “those who can’t do…….. teach” simply does not aapply at Netlan.

I have such respect for their experience and all encompassing knowledge of how it all fits together with the total IT picture. Please accept my congratulations to all at Netlan for having the ability to recognize and then acquire the best instructors in the Northeast.

Chief Lotus Notes Administrator
Major Healthcare Provider

Thank you!


The CCNA Bootcamp was incredible. More importantly, Raj is just about the best instructor I’ve ever had. I am back at work this week and believe it or not, I kind of feel a little empty inside. It’s strange, I know, but everyone at Netlan last week treated me as though I was the only person that mattered. I can’t say enough about how valuable and wonderful my experience with Netlan was. Thank you.

Tim B.
CCNA Bootcamp, Feb 1st 2008

Rick Townsend, January 2009

.. A real class act. I have been to training in many places and Rich is a
fine instructor that went above and beyond what he had to. He actually
likes what he does and it shows. I was actually impressed at quality of
the entire operation. Classrooms were upto date and environment well kept.

Steve H.
CTX1259 Sept 07

Bill Helton – Windows 7 Desktop Deployments, Nov 2011

“Bill was very knowledgeable and his technical expertise showed during the class. Netlan training center is near the train station and it’s safe, clean and well organized”

“The instructor is very knowledgeable about the topics and he was able to answer any question asked. He was also able to provide recommendations on a project we already started at work”

“The instructor was very thorough and clear”

“Excellent, very thorough and organized.”